Jakarta Indonesia Retaining Walls

Jakarta, Indonesia

To create a more efficient access from the city centre of Jakarta to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Basoetta), an electrified airport rail link was built from Batu Ceper, Tangerang to the airport terminals in 2017. PT Multibangun Rekatama Patria provided a construction solution using the versatile TensarTech® TW1 Retaining Wall System - marketed in Indonesia as Multiblock Retaining Wall System.


  • 0.2 g earthquake acceleration included in the design
  • 25% time saved over the targeted one-year construction period 
  • 2 km length retaining wall with a maximum height of 10 m
  • 300,000 modular concrete blocks successfully installed with restricted access

Client's Challenge

This section of the project presented various challenges, including a short construction period and restricted access, which crossed densely populated settlements. Moreover, due to land acquisition delays, this prevented equipment and materials being delivered to the entire length of the retaining wall from the start of construction. Also, social concerns demanded that high levels of construction noise and vibration from heavy machinery were not permitted. However, because the structure was required to support the load from trains, a high standard of construction was essential.

Tensar Solution

PT Multibangun Rekatama Patria (the distributor of Tensar geogrids and systems in Indonesia) designed, supplied and installed the TensarTech® TW1 Retaining Wall System to support this 2 km section of elevated rail track. The construction started in March 2017 and was completed in 9 months, which was 3 months shorter than the targeted construction time. Despite the time and access restrictions, this excellent result was possible due to the flexible nature of the retaining wall system, permitting access to many locations at the same time so that the installation programme could be optimised by careful planning.